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This page is all about showing you some commissions I have done for clients as well and showing paintings that have sold and how they look in their new home

Oppiste is Jewel from my 2017 series and one of the main paintings

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Beach Holiday in situ

Delivered and installed July 2017

A perfect fit for one of my larger long paintings.

I love doing this shape and size


Summer Frolic

Delivered and installed July 2017

Finishing this open plan living space with style and colour



Triptych Window Painting

I can do either triptych or diptych's with these fabulous window paintings



Large Scale painting

This painting fitted snuggly and stunningly in the sitting area in a lovely new apartment here in Plymouth.

Beach Strolling

Installed and delivered May 2017



Painting on Glass

Summer's Golden

I love the way my painting style transforms and glistens when I introduce glass as my canvas.

This painting also has gold leaf mounted behind the glass in areas where there are purposely left holes in the painting and which gives a 3D experience to the piece





Summer is Golden

Sold September 2016

Glass Painting with gold leaf .



xTwo paintings working in harmony.

Both from my 2016 Beach Holiday series

This home was a new build and architecturally stunning both in and out.

So happy to have my work complimenting this amazing home near Stroud UK



xPrivate Commission 2015

The aim to fill the room with colour this commission was inspired by my "Beach Holiday Series 2015" and certainly fulfilled the brief.

the client has been collecting my work for over 8 years and has several around his new house which was a delight to see when delivering this piece

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