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Contemporary Expressive Abstract Painter

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Commissioned paintings and paintings in clients homes and offices

Rhythmn of Nature 2004

Delivered and installed in 2020 to clients home in California, USA.

Just love how this large canvas flows and fills this space with coloiur and the wildness of the marks zinging this space into a musical world. (Note the Marshell below!)

Two paintings finishing this room perfectly in 2019






from my "Jewel Temple series" and one of the main paintings of 2017


Looking amazing in the clients London pad.

Beach Holiday in situ
Summer Frolic

Delivered and installed July 2017

Finishing this open plan living space with style and colour


Triptych Window Painting

I can do either triptych or diptych's with these fabulous window paintings

Large Scale painting
Beach Strolling

Painting on Glass

Summer's Golden

Summer is Golden

Glass Painting with gold leaf

Beach Holiday series

This home was a new build and architecturally stunning both in and out.

Private Commission

Journey into Nature

Private Commission



Private Commission



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