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Jazz influenced paintings

My Jazz paintings have grown over the years and a fun and stylized part of my continuing portfolio.

More recently I have introduced my gold leaf within these paintings which is a natural as with a saxaphone or trumpet made from metals it was great to add this reflective finish to the work.

Golden Cello £950

Golden Jazz Trumpet £950

Jazz is Golden 122cm x 76cm on board £1995

Abstract Jazz Piano £1350

Abstract Jazz Double Bass £1350

Baby Grande Piano £1350

Jazz Funk Sax £465

Below are a sellection of some of the Jazz Paintings I have sold

Jazz Sax Colours SOLD

Jazz Sax Colours SOLD

Hidden Sax SOLD

Jazz Sax Blue SOLD

Abstract Jazz sax SOLD

Jazz Bass Colours SOLD

Spanish Guitar SOLD

Jazz Sax Yellow Man SOLD

Abstract Sax 2016 SOLD

Jazz Bass colours SOLD

Jazz Bass Yellow Room II SOLD

Golden Jazz Trio SOLD

Sound of Jazz Sax SOLD