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These paintings were inspired by the colours and energy found with in Thai Temples as well as the Thai culture which has been part of my life as an artist for the 20 years. The complexities and detail using gold leaf and free flowing marks meld into the sensation I feel and breathe within this world. In some I have used the first few characters of the Thai alphabet which has also fascinated me with the shape and form of these stylish letters. I also loved that the first two letters Gho-Ghi and Kho Khi translate as Chicken and Egg which throws my little humour into the mix as in what do these two together conjures up to you!?

This work will be inspiring my 2018 work very much so as I feel these paintings are what I have been looking

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Gho-Ghi - Jewel Golden £3,100.00


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.Sitting Buddha 2

BRAND New Paintings

With my latest play with what I am calling my hand crafted framing.

NOW on show in my gallery

Buddhist Temple in the Sun £5,425.00

This size and shape have become very popular and I am happy to do commissions in any style you see on my site in this format

Kho Kon - Human £2.995.00

Golden Buddha £995.00

Temple Beach £1,795.00

Summer Temple 84cm sq with frame £1,695.00

Heart on the Beach £1,395.00

Thai Temple Ocean £1695

Thai Temple in the Hot Sun £1,950


As this series flowed I found the work became stronger and new ideas in each work took me further into the joy of this experience of capturing my journeys in temples and Thai culture

Temple Meditation £1,495.00

Temple Colours £1,695.00

Jewel Temple 73cm sq £1495.00

Temple is Golden 1 £1,745.00

Temple in Abstraction in a hand painted frame £1,625.00

I had great fun with this unique idea of painting and making up these frames to place the art within. The use of gold leaf in the paintings made its way onto the frames them selves which nicely compliment the art and makes for a fun light work for your wall

These painting are mounted with Truvue Ultravue Glass which  blocks 92% UV and has less than 1% light reflection and the mount board is conservation white core.

All to look their best!

Kho Khi - Egg Summer £675.00

Kho Kon - Human Summer £675.00

Gho-Ghi - Chicken 2 £675.00

Kho Khi - Jewel £675.00

Kho Kon - Human Autumn £675.00

Also the silver frames are something we sorced so as to fit with many styles of interiors.

We try to think of everything to add to our offer

Gho-Ghi - Temple

Kho Khi - Temple

Kho Kon - Temple

Mini Temple World £380.00

Kho Khi - Egg £1,895.00

Kho Khi - Cup £2,150.00

Temple by the Ocean SOLD

Jewel SOLD

Sitting Buddha £1,450.00

Jewel Life £925.00

These are both painted on slatted wood and have a almost old temple feel which was my intention as with the painted frames and all together made for an exciting series in 2018.

Hope you enjoyed it and are seriesly considering in purchasing from this series which I have to say I am in love with.

More to come in 2018

Temple 1 £300.00

Temple 2 £300.00

Temple 3 £300.00

These are three small paintings on board with gold leaf and have been watched by a few already

Japanese Garden

While your here I would like to introduce you to my paintings on GLASS

Some are mounted the traditional way with in these stylish frames but I have also recently completed a table top using this method and also used the idea of a back lit wall piece which can be seen at Le Venoble in the Royal WIlliam Yard

Back Lit Painting on glass


This one is sold

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