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Well it seems I have managed to get my news to the locals with a new article in our local Plymouth Live and Herald press who have been spreading the gossip. As ever the head line is always there to make your head turn and it mentioned the following.. "The Royal William Yard's oldest standing business is closing due to lock-down"

Well my business is not closing but my bricks and mortar gallery studio is. To clarify what it does say further in the article that due to my lease being up for renewal end of July and a long few years with brexit and now coronavirus lock-down it seems to make logical sense to close those doors and to change direction on how I sell my art as well as have a new free space to create lessoning the financial burden on expensive physical galleries.

I have room in my new home for now for a small studio and Online social media and contacts through email marketing have already made the difference. It was like this lock-down was given to me as a trial to see if I can make things work just as-well without a retail public venue and to be truthful it has been quite a success. I'm not saying this is going to be easy and still a long way to go but to slow the financial out goings right has been the right move.

I am so grateful for the response and feed back that I have received from all walks of our city and beyond who follow my trail and have contacted me to say how they wish for me to continue to succeed and some gratefully purchasing a few paintings which is where my stability does lie of course.

So for now please do go shopping and to help I have been offering a few of my paintings at reduced prices A. to help with the money side of things and B. to lesson the quantity of paintings I will have to store at my house, I have limited wall space but it is quite a lovely thing to actually have the best of my work on my own walls even if some (I hope) go out the door in time.

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