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I am Exhibiting at The Hidden Olive, 1 Pinnacle Quay, Sutton Harbour, Plymouth PL4 0BJ and is on until end of May 2017,

So happy to be showing at this fabulous waterfront restaurant with a stunning view and a fabulous place to go and relax whether it be for coffee or to eat some delightful Mediterranean food.

I titled this exhibition "Hidden Inspiration" and I think it hit me subliminally, no really I didn't choose this in retrospect of the restaurants name it was as pure in that it is what I find my latest work means to me.Hidden being a journey as an artist we take trying to prize out the inspiration to create something which has the greatness of what we are. Interlinking thought with free flowing moment can bring these inspirational marks and I think having painted with this intent and connection to my subconcious mind for many years I now see this coming through and I feel I have found many new things and joyous paths, its all about discovery.

I just love looking into, around and from afar what's going on in these kaleidoscopic and sometimes epic moments that hang on the wall.

It is also a joy when I see others go up close to delve in deeper to the painting and then stand back to capture the complete image. In fact I never think the image is complete, it is always changing as when you look one moment you are grabbed by something in the work and then the next maybe day you find more and or something completely different. My work is also very much about feeling and this is where I get most of my joy, people will stand and seemingly melt, well especially with the new use of gold leaf, why this is only they can say but it is an emotion which fulfills me as the artist. Can I really move you that much!? So great if I can.

Of course not everyone will get this, we are all so different and depending on your perspective these works of human emotion will sing to some yet leave a blank to others. Your own self opinion is less than important than hearing others around you and collecting others thoughts to find reason to what you don't understand.


Hope you will enjoy the show, do ask for one of my brochures while your there, only £3 to go towards my next brochure.

Taken some photos of my paintings looking fab in this growing and special restaurant,

Our Previews over the weekend of the 7th -8th April were fantastic and just loved seeing you all

Here are a photo photos for you to digest

.. ..





Here is a map showing the Hidden Olive so you can easily find my latest exhibition

Starting 8th April 2017






Forth coming and running Exhibitions 2017

8th April - May 27th @ The Hidden Olive Sutton Harbour, Plymouth

Solo Exhibition "Hidden Inspiration"

2nd September - 24th September @ Artizan Gallery, 7 Lucius St, Torquay TQ2 5UW.

Solo Exhibition

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