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2020 has begun and

I am getting the year planned



BUT do gontinue shoppng here online and do get in touch if you find the one for me. Happy to ask any questions too


So times in our lives has been put on hold and we are all swimming in soup trying to understand what is in front of us.

Well I aim to think about my daily routine and not to dwell on what is the nasty moments that lie in our paths. Well lets hope we are able to avoid this destructive path and STAY SAFE

For this reason I have spent my week helping to give some something from me that will help us both through.

You will have time so I present you the following

For all you Online Shopper's

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I have launched this this week to help through these terrible times

Do see below for some past projects and journeys I have had

January 2019

The start of a new year is the time I usually make my annual trip to my second home Thailand which is where I recharge and gain a lot of my inspiration.

I was invited to show this painting in an exhibition and had the privilege to meet Her Royal Highness Princess Soamsavali on grand opening day so very exciting news.

"Siam Beach" Acrylic and oil with gold leaf, measures 122cm x 122cm on a deep edge canvas.


Paintings below: "Ocean Energy" and "Window of Light" Acrylic and oil with gold leaf, measure 40cm x 50cm on thin edge canvas POR


A big thank you to Ann and Mana who invited me to come and paint and who also videoed me painting which can be seen on my Martin Bush Fine Art facebook page

This work was the crescendo to a 3 week trip around Thailand and as I painted I felt all the joys and visions that I had experienced meld within the marks and flow of the paint. I was tingling with emotion as I painted and the outcome expressed all of these emotions. They offered me some gold leaf which I explained all my recent paintings used and as I added this to the wet paint everything then seemed to make sense and the conclusions where pronounced as the final touches were made with poring gloss paint round the surface.


If you wish to see these paintings in Thailand and Mana Studios then here is a link to their facebook and their contact details https://www.facebook.com/ManaStudioPattaya


The paintings will be for sale later in the year but if your interested then do let us know.