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News and Events Page

Now Exibiting in Bude, Cornwall.

I am happy to say I have linked up with

"The Jaunty Seagull"

who are kindly hosting a lovely small selection of my work

Here is a link to what you will find.



Featuring my new painting "Oriental Cherry Blossom"

If you want to see this painting live then do get in touch

Great to hear this what is an A5 size painting that I was asked to do along side 50+ other artist contributions of the same size all to help raise money for our local Samaritans and mine raised £285 for them which is fantastic news all round.

A charity which is so needed more than ever right now.

Big thank you to the person who has bought it.

Note I am doing more work in this style this year so let me know if you are interested and have a specific size to fit your wall I can do to fit.


A Dialogue With Colour

Exhibition has now ended but if there are any painting you are interested in and wish to see or buy then do get in touch.

See below for list of paintings that were on show.

ALSO don't panic as I will still be showing some of my painting in this prestigious Plymouth Gallery so do go visit.

OR you are more than welcome to come and visit my home gallery where I have my main stock and plenty to choose from on my very own walls!


Exhibiting NOW


Host Galleries





interior Red

Silver Storm SOLD

Positive Living

Sail Rigging

Royal William Yard by Moonlight

Lagoon Sailing

Gho-Ghi Temple

Kho-Khi Temple

Kho-Khon Temple

Pink Cocktail II

Ocean Cocktail

Pink Cocktail III

Dawn Swirl

NOW on show at Host Galleries Plymouth

Kho Khi - Cup

NOW on show at Host Galleries Plymouth

Summer Swirl

NOW on show at Host Galleries Plymouth

Dreamy Days

Journey Lines 3



Paintings below have now gone into store from the show but are still available at Host Galleries to view by request

Summer Explosion

183cm square and is as lively as you see here. Available to view by request.

Give me notice that you wish to see this work live.

Summer Energy

Arabian Sands

Summer Calm

Pearl Essence

Summer Slice

A Beautiful Day on the River

Colour into Nature

Earth's Pulse 122cm sq

Fusion Seas

Dusk Emanates

Picnic on the Beach

Radiation of Nature


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