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Martin Bush Studio, Guard House, Royal William Yard, Plymouth, Devon, UK PL1 3RP. Tel 07703 231150 e-mail art@martinbush.co.uk

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These are paintings from various years and a selection are still available

Thought 122 x 122cm
Window 122 x 122cm
Lyrical Wood 100 x 100cm
Fusion Landscape II 150cm x 115cm
Fusion Landscape I 115cm x 150cm
Siam River Market 125cm x 100cm
Arabian Sands 150 x 100cm
Moorlands 100 x 100cm
Harbour Daze 90 x 90cm
Solar Dream
Spring 70 x 90cm
Dawn Swirl 90 x 70cm

Dusk Emanates 76 x 102cm

Summer Swirl 100 x 70cm
Fusion Seas 142 x 115 cm
Energy 1 50 x 50 cm
Energy 2 50 x 50 cm
Wild Wood 50 x 60 cm
Journey Lines 3 100 x 76 cm
Blue Motion 60 x 60 cm
Mind Landscape 90 x 60 cm

Large scale canvases

Regatta by Night SOLD

Lady 140cm x 115cm

Siam Culture SOLD
Living Rhythm On show @ HQ Plymouth
Life's Inspiration 1 240cm x 100cm On loan at ColourXpress Plymouth
Life's Inspiration 2 240cm x 100cm
Paintings from 2011. Nude Series
Two Lovers 77cm x 102cm
Reclining Woman 107 x 77cm
Lady in the Abstract 70 x 90cm
Intimacy 112cm x 142cm SOLD

Camera Woman 60 x 60cm


Fusion Woman 70 x 90cm

Meditation Woman SOLD
Love and Lust 100 x 70cm SOLD
Naked Allusion 100 x 122cm

Mermaid Red 100 x 70cm SOLD

Gallery >>
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