M A R T I N .B U S H

BA(Hons) Art and Design

Contemporary Expressive Abstract Painter

Martin Bush Fine Art in Plymouth, UK on Houzz

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The idea to work in this format has been a real delight in creating works that fit into areas where other paintings have difficulty to make a presence.




Click on an image for more details and quality photo's of each painting
Set One Small Window Paintings

Each measurung 50cm x 114cm in frame shown

The frame is made from kilned hard woods with white gloss finish on outer and matt on inner, Can also offer black gloss frames.

Summer Fruits

Tooty Fruity

Suumer Breeze I

Suumer Breeze I


Summer Tonic


Summer Wave 1

Summer Wave 2

Summer Wave 3

Ocean Cocktail

Set Two
Each measurung 49cm x 132cm in frame shown and as above frame of your choice

Beach Party I

Beach Party 2


Summer Tonic I

Summer Tonic II

Red Hot Tonic

Aqua Tonic

Summer Cocktail I

Summer Cocktail II

I can do you a commissioned "Window Painting" any size to fit your space

Set 3 Large window paintings

All the paintings here can be hung either portrait or landscape

Measure 49cm x 225cm

Midnight Strolling 225cm 50cm



Beach Life

Park Stroll

Beach Stroll







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